Security assistants that work for you

The Impart API security platform includes AI security assistants that safely and securely complete mundane security tasks, creating time for busy security teams to focus on what matters most—reducing their security risk.

Impart AI Engine

Private and secure AI engine

Impart's AI engine is privately trained and has no outside network access, ensuring the security and integrity of critical enterprise data.

Private:  Privately tuned LLMs based on trusted foundation models and Impart training data

Secure: AI models have no outside network access, ensuring privacy and security of all AI input and output

Flexible: Impart's AI engine integrates multiple LLMs, ensuring optimal output for the job to be done

Appsec AI Analyst

AppSec AI analyst

Automatically complete day-to-day application security tasks to free up time to focus on strategic API security issues.

Generate and maintain API documentation for undocumented APIs

Summarize API endpoints and API Firewall rules for technical teams and executives

Write API tests and firewall policies to improve overall API security posture

SOC AI Analyst

SOC AI analyst

Accelerate API security incident response times by completing automated evidence collection, analysis, and reporting tasks.

Collect information from the entire API lifecycle, including API design documentation, runtime observations, and testing results

Summarize key events and trends to create an incident timeline

Create executive summary and incident response reports quickly to stay in compliance with reporting SLAs

Appsec AI Coordinator

Appsec AI  coordinator

Accelerate time to remediation by creating high quality API security program status reports and automatically following up with development teams.

Summarize outstanding API security issues

Create API security program reports tailored for specific audiences

Track status in JIRA and follow up on outstanding issues with comments

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