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We believe that security products should be easy to use, reliable, extensible—and loved. We're grateful for the support of visionary security leaders across the industry. See what they have to say below:

When we think about examples of customer love in cybersecurity, one company that immediately comes to mind is Thinkst Canary. Thinkst is not alone. Some of the most loved companies in security (also) includes...Impart Security.

Ross Haleliuk

Venture in Security
Author | Blogger and Head of Product, LimaCharlie

Great product. Great team. Makes application security so much easier and installs in minutes across both legacy and modern tech stacks.

Steve Hopkins

CTO, The Modern Groom

Nothing drives me more than getting to work with highly motivated and super intelligent people. I am happy to be here and looking forward to the long road ahead!

Jeremiah Kung

Global Head of Information Security, AppLovin

Examples like Thinkst Canary, Duo Security, Tines, Chainguard, Material, Impart, Panther, Anvilogic, and LimaCharlie show that it is possible to be pragmatic (and successful!) as a business and loved at the same time.

Rami McCarthy

Security-at-Large Leader, Venture in Security Contributor

Impart saved the day during a security incident  when our WAF and our SIEM failed to detect and mitigate an ongoing API attack. Impart effortlessly detected and stopped the attack for us, with great support from the team.

Dave Yu

Engineering Lead, Previously at The Black Tux, Loot Crate, Spokeo, YP

Hands down one of the best API security products on the market and the most compelling solution for serverless. Integrates with no architecture impact, and great team to work with.

Miguel Calles

Engineer, Author of Serverless Security

API security is now a critical aspect of every application security program. Every CISO needs to have an integrated solution that can comprehensively protect their APIs across their entire lifecycle.

Zane Lackey

Co-Founder, Signal Sciences

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