Runtime API security for modern teams

We are on a mission to help security teams protect one of their most critical attack surfaces—their APIs. We started Impart after seeing a massive shift in web traffic to API traffic, and coming to the realization that WAFs lacked enough understanding to protect APIs. We saw other solutions trying to solve the problem outside of runtime, and know from experience that these approaches don't work.

Impart Security brings together the ideas of next-generation runtime protection with a complete understanding of APIs. By integrating these concepts together, we offer security teams a level of control over their APIs that legacy solutions cannot.


Why we founded Impart

Runtime protection is worth it

We've built four different WAF products, so we know how to be successful at both operating at runtime and blocking attacks, rather than creating alerts.

WAFs don't understand APIs

We know from experience that WAFs aren't capable of properly understanding or defending API schemas, endpoints, parameters, clients, behavior, or risk.

Security teams need control

We know that one size does not fit all with API protection. Policies that can't adapt to changing conditions or quickly customized for enterprise use cases don't work.



Jonathan DiVincenzo
CEO & Co-Founder

CEO of Impart Security. Previously VP of Product at Signal Sciences, Edgecast, and Verizon. Proud Miami early adopter and three-time startup veteran.

Marc Harrison
CTO & Co-Founder

Leading Technology. Previously Chief Architect at Signal Sciences and Senior Principal Architect at Fastly. Served in Rwanda with the Global Health Corps.

Brian Joe
CPO & Co-Founder

Leading Product and GTM. Previously Sr. Director of Product and Growth at Signal Sciences. Holds 8 patents in distributed systems. Collector of 5-star reviews on Gartner Peer Insights.

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