Integrated API testing in CI/CD

Analyze developer and infrastructure activity in CI/CD pipelines to detect and validate API security and quality issues during the development phase. Generate tailored and relevant recommendations that development and security teams can use to resolve issues quickly.

api testing

Learn from your CI/CD pipeline

Analyze the rich context of API, infrastructure, and security context flowing through your CI/CD pipelines to enrich your understanding of your APIs. Detect security vulnerabilities and provide actionable feedback directly to those responsible with native workflow integrations.


Secure development and production APIs

Fixing issues before production is an ideal and less costly approach, but most enterprises have thousands of APIs already running in production.

With Impart, security teams can automatically enrich their understanding of what a “good API” looks like and also provide protection for APIs at any stage.

60 days
The average time to patch a critical security vulnerability
“Detecting vulnerabilities before production combined with patching vulnerable API endpoints in production is a unique approach that can reduce resolution times and costs for me as a CISO.”

Bradley Schaufenbuel

CISO, Paychex

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