Ultimate runtime protection

Complete understanding of your APIs integrated with next-generation runtime protection capabilities. Take complete control of your APIs with views of security posture, SDLC, and runtime insights in a single pane.

runtime protection

Stop API attacks in real time

Analyze the entire API request and response flow in real time, including headers, parameters, query strings, and bodies, to gather the deepest level of insight into API behavior. Enrich this data stream with additional development and operational context derived from activity in your CI/CD pipelines. It's true API defense with rules that leverage complete API context.

stop api attacks

Complete runtime control

Runtime Rule Graphs enable security teams to easily organize rule ordering and dependencies and visualize them with a convenient drag-and-drop canvas interface, resulting in better rule coverage and less management overhead.

Unlike legacy runtime protection tools, that make it hard for security engineers to read through and understand how their security rules are related, Impart’s Runtime Rule Graphs offers a more intuitive, flexible way to showcase how rules are being used.

Percentage of Impart’s customers that block API attacks in production.
"Impart's approach to runtime protection saves practitioners from spending time investigating suspicious alerts and instead automatically resolves security issues without creating more work."

Phillip Maddux

Staff Engineer, Compass

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