Runtime API Security

Impart Security’s runtime API security platform integrates complete API understanding with next-generation runtime protection, giving security teams effortless and complete control over their APIs.

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API-first runtime protection

Impart empowers security teams to easily create, manage, and maintain a solid security posture using easily customizable runtime API security controls. With integrated firewall, testing, LLMs, and a first-class developer experience, Impart provides a new level of control, accuracy, and confidence that legacy solutions cannot.

api discovery

Discover API insights and access them at runtime

Scan API logs, traces, CI/CD pipelines, or traffic to generate an inventory of all API endpoints—then automatically assign each endpoint dynamic, unique protections, tailored for their risk profile.

Document all APIs including shadow and zombie endpoints and parameters

Understand API risk factors like sensitive data and misconfigurations

Access API insights directly within runtime rules to create dynamic, responsive security controls

runtime protection

Block API attacks with confidence in real time

Experience ultimate runtime protection that automatically blocks attacks and limits undesired behavior with complete confidence. Impart's integrated WAF and API Firewall is easily customizable and completely extensible, allowing for a wide range of threat response actions, such as blocking, rate limiting, redirects, and deception.

Thwart API attacks as they happen instead of generating alerts

Protect against OWASP Top 10 threats with integrated WAF and API Firewall

Develop firewall rules safely with built-in rule testing and a rule IDE

api remediation

Fix API issues before production

Scan your CI/CD pipeline for API vulnerabilities and generate actionable remediation recommendations that can be integrated directly into your CI/CD workflow.

Detect vulnerabilities in API specifications and business logic and provide immediate feedback to developers during the CI/CD process

Provide AI-enhanced evidence and steps to reproduce findings for engineering teams to help accelerate remediation timeframes

Seamlessly integrates with existing SOAR/ASPM solutions to drive seamless remediation

posture management

Manage your complete API security posture

Reduce API risk using insights from development, staging, and production environments to prioritize specific remediation and response actions that will make the most improvements to your security posture.

Demonstrate clear ROI with your API security program

Focus your efforts on actions that will make the biggest impact on your risk profile

Enforce consistent policies across multiple environments and clouds

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