The Integrated API Security Platform

Impart's Integrated API Security Cloud connects in minutes to any environment and is the only solution to offer native monitoring, firewall, testing, and remediation capabilities in a single integrated cloud platform. Discover your entire API inventory, detect and respond to security risks, and protect APIs in real time using runtime API activity and developer activity in CI/CD.

api discovery

Discover APIs automatically

Scan API logs, traces, CI/CD pipelines, or traffic to generate an inventory of all API assets. Automatically treat them with different security policies based on sensitivity, exposure, and business criticality.

Surface all APIs including shadow and zombie APIs

Identify high value assets and limit unnecessary data exposure

Improve documentation of legacy or third party APIs

runtime protection

Stop API attacks in real time

Automatically block attacks or limit abnormal behavior using behavioral rate limiting, redirect, deception, or tarpit response actions.

Thwart API attacks as they happen instead of generating noisy alerts

Identify anomalies and deviations from baselines with machine learning

Provide detailed reports to stakeholders about what was blocked and why

api remediation

Fix API issues before production

Scan your CI/CD Pipeline for API vulnerabilities and generate actionable remediation recommendations that can be integrated directly into your CI/CD workflow.

Detect vulnerabilities in API Specifications and Business Logic

Reduce Remediation Costs and timeframes with tailored and actionable recommendations

Collaborate with development teams in their preferred CI/CD workflows

posture management

Manage your complete API security posture

Reduce API risk using insights from development, staging, and production environments to prioritize specific remediation and response actions that will make the most improvements to your security posture.

Demonstrate clear ROI with your API security program

Focus your efforts on actions that will make the biggest impact on your risk profile

Enforce consistent policies across multiple environments and clouds

See how contextual API security works