Impart Security
Published on
June 18, 2024
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Impart Security
June 18, 2024

Introducing List Support for Rule Tester

We are excited to announce a powerful enhancement to Impart's Rule Tester: List Support.

What is Rule Tester?

Impart's Rule Tester is a vital tool for security engineers, enabling them to test security rules before deploying them to production environments. By utilizing synthetic traffic, Rule Tester ensures that all detections simulate real requests, allowing inspectors to respond with tags and response codes just as they would in a live production scenario.

What’s New?

With the new List Support, security engineers can now test list-based policies such as:

  • IP Block Lists
  • User Agent Lists
  • Endpoint Lists
  • And more

Why is This Important?

This update allows security teams to:

  • Seamlessly test and validate list-based policies.
  • Ensure that security rules function as intended without negatively impacting production.
  • Write, test, and deploy rules with greater confidence.

With List Support, Impart's Rule Tester continues to evolve, providing security engineers with the tools they need to maintain robust and reliable security measures.

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