Simplify Rule Graph Complexity with New “Tidy Up” Enhancement

Impart Security
Published on
April 16, 2024
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Impart Security
April 16, 2024

Announcing Impart Security’s new “Tidy Up” graph enhancement, a handy way for security teams to easily maintain graph diagrams, such as rule dependencies, without having to worry about formatting or accuracy.

Graph diagrams can be tricky to manage. Graphs and edges can overlap until you have a giant, confusing spiderweb chart. Plus, it’s important to maintain graph diagrams that are not only technically accurate, but are also easy to read and digest. Now, you can just click the “tidy up” button on any graph interface, and watch your complex graph diagram turn into a simple, easy-to-read graph.

Another perk is the ability to download your new, ideal graph diagram as a PNG—perfect for sharing or for printing.

Contact us at to see how much easier it is to manage rule graphs with Impart’s API Firewall and follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates and features.

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