Avoid Dashboard Navigation Fatigue with the Omnibar Enhancements

Impart Security
Published on
April 16, 2024
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Impart Security
April 16, 2024

Impart Security has just released a few key enhancements to one of our power-user features, the Omnibar, which enables security teams to complete tasks faster thanks to modern, pro-code developer tooling.

The Impart Omnibar makes it quick and easy to navigate to different parts of the Impart Console without having to waste time clicking through pages of hover menus and reports. Stop searching aimlessly around your navigation bar and jump directly to what you need.

New Omnibar enhancements include: keyboard shortcuts, fuzzy search, and deep navigation. Now you can quickly navigate without the need for a mouse and uncover buried sections deep inside the Console using a fuzzy searching algorithm.

To see how the Impart Omnibar simplifies the navigation experience, contact us at try.imp.art. Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates and features.

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