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API security firm Impart Security promises solutions, not more alarms, for overwhelmed security staff

Jonathan Divincenzo

Jonathan Divincenzo

Impart Security - an API security solution - is announcing today it has secured $6 million in seed funding.

Jul 27, 2022

As APIs (Application Programming Interface) have exploded with increased use and interconnectivity, there is increased demand to keep them secure. Impart Security - an API security solution - is announcing today it has secured $6 million in seed funding led by CRV. Other investors include Haystack, 8-bit Capital and O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures.

According to Gartner, API attacks are the most common attack vector, resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications. So while today’s interconnected business ecosystem allows for innovation and growth, it also comes with security risks.

“All SaaS companies have an API governance, permissioning, and remediation problem with regard to the exposure of sensitive data.” says Hayes Kim, SVP Engineering at Auditboard. “No one is solving that problem or doing it well and we’re happy to be working with Impart”.

Unique to Impart’s technology is the ability to not only provide instant detection of security threats and vulnerabilities to any API tech stack but also to resolve the problem automatically without human involvement.

The team behind Impart includes several former colleagues from Signal Sciences - a web application security company sold to Fastly for $775 million in 2020 and EdgeCast Networks, a CDN that sold to Verizon in 2013 - including CEO and Co-Founder Jonathan DiVincenzo, who was VP Product at Signal Sciences & EdgeCast Networks; Co-Founder and CTO Marc Harrison, who was Chief Architect and Co-Founder and Head of Product Brian Joe, who was Senior Director of Product and Growth at Signal Sciences. With aligned backgrounds, the team has extensive experience with mission critical workloads, securing and guaranteeing uptime of applications.

“From our experience at Signal Sciences, we became familiar with the challenges of API security as an extension of the growth and disruption of the WAF market,” said DiVincenzo. “But while other platforms and technologies can detect security threats, Impart is the only one to also provide out of the box solutions to those vulnerabilities.The last thing we want to do is be a noisy alerting system - we aim to solve problems for security practitioners, not add to their workload.”

Impart is targeting security practitioners at organizations with technical capabilities such as Kubernetes, microservices and cloud computing and understand the importance of security. As those individuals are already overwhelmed, the goal is to help transform security teams into champions as a result of installing Impart and consolidating other vendors.

“Talent is the heart and the engine of every successful business,” says Murat Bicer, general partner at CRV. “Impart Security’s leadership team is chock full of high caliber product, engineering and security DNA and we all worked closely together at Signal Sciences, so this is a bit of a homecoming for all of us. Leading Impart Security’s seed round is a wonderful chance for all of us to partner up again given that Signal Sciences is another successful CRV backed company I invested in, prior to its successful acquisition by Fastly in 2020. This talented team’s full-stack approach to API security is a game changer for enterprises because it provides them with monitoring and observability capabilities as well as tangible security benefits CISOs and their teams can measure.”

Impart is currently in closed beta with a select group of commerce and enterprise customers. Based on current beta feedback, the timeline for commercial launch is in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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